Judy Cheng - Personalized Real Estate Market Reports


Judy Cheng's Personalized Real Estate Market Reports


Well Judy lets see if you can get excited.. I will have to explain them to you much more but the idea is that You end up knowing more that your customer. and it becomes one of your VERY BIGGEST pricing tools

#1 Your Mail-Out Stats:

The Lights are Going Out on Most Detached Markets!

  • Vancouver Detached drops a little more as the Fraser Valley Stabilizes with Mixed results!!
  • Condos sales continue at breakneck speed.
  • Pending Mortgages rates and overall stress test will hurt the job markets.

Vancouver Highend Detached drops a little more while the Fraser Valley balances

The Lowend Detached drops across the Greater Vancouver cities excluding FV East

The Condo Markets set the records for Price Increases!
In the last year, the Condos exceeded the Detached Home returns on investment by 200% on average.

   Vancouver Westside's Home Evaluator / Return On Investment / Forecaster
Single Family Detached High End .. more than $3,750,000     

What Is Your Home Value, Profit; Return On Investment?
              你的房屋价值 ,利润, 投资收益率知多少?

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Date Value

                                                    计算你的房产价值;     与130的本地和全球市场比较你的投资利润
Calculate Your Home Value & Compare Your ROI to 130 Local & World Markets. 


Your  reports include :

  1. Detached Stats Vancouver Westside, Richmond and East Vancouver
  2. Attached Stats for Vancouver Westside, Richmond, East Vancouver and Vancouver Downtown

#3 Website content: (Advanced) ( Not for the faint at heart) Please watch the movie before calling for support (Click here)

Please please help me market and share the good news with other agents ..Show and Refer! Thanks :) Bill


Bill Coughlin
"Realtor and Lifestyle Consultant"

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1-888-539-4664 Toll free

Copy Rights Notice: : Judy these Stats are purchased for your intent of marketing them to your clients in your market areas. We will make an effort to watermark your reports overtime to protect your stats from being copied and miss used. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied, posted on the internet or forwarded in any printed or electronic format beyond the your client base without written permission. The dynamic data contained in this report has been prepared by Most Referred Services and complied from sources deemed to be reliable at that time, but the accuracy and completeness of the information is not guaranteed. In providing this information Most Referred Services, Re/Max City Realty, RE/MAX, Western Canada and RE/MAX International do not assume any responsibility or liability.

We reserve the rights to exclusively publish these stats in the Real Estate Weekly publications and National media venues at this time.  Please be encouraged to request for public marketing permission of these stats.


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Judy,  we would sure appreciate your comments on Elton Ash's blog on these RE/MAX Reports  Click Here  

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