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Predicting the Future Market Conditions to Determine the Best Pricing Strategy for Success in any Market

These are the forward projections we use to assist our clients to maximize their sales price based on Increasing or Decreasing Inventory Levels.  It’s a wonderful tool demonstrate to how see 1-2 months into the future.

Very simply;  as New Listings come on each month, we need between 39-64% of THOSE New Listings Amount to sell DURING THAT MONTH.

If the ( MTI ) is LESS than 39% of that NEW Added Inventory SELLING during that same month, then the NEXT MONTH’S Total Listing Inventory will  INCREASE.


If the ( MTI ) is MORE than 64% of that NEW Added Inventory SELLING during that same month, then the NEXT MONTH’S Total Listing Inventory will  DECREASE.

This is Predictive Market Forecasting, which has been tested and proven over the past 25+ years, and provides a high degree of accuracy. (+/- 3% 17 out of 19 times.)

If the Market Trend Index ( MTI ) is showing a clear pattern of ongoing Increasing Inventories along with Weak Sales Activity (Below 12%), we recommend to “Price Ahead of the Curve” to avoid being drawn with the masses into the probable Downward Market Trend, Get Your Property Sold, and then you can TAKE ADVANTAGE of the future Buyer Market Conditions. 

In a Buyer’s Market, when you have extra inventory on the market and anxious sellers you can get that BEST PROPERTY- BEST LOCATION- GREAT VALUE WIN.

Are these Accurate Analytics Do you need more proof before trusting the RE/MAX Market Reports or Vancouver Market Reports? We invite you to review the actual data at anytime. Call Us: 1-778-374-3744
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