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Peak-To-Date: Greater Vancouver Real Estate Markets AVERAGE Prices Changes 
Updated 2022 July

Prices have dropped across All Cities, All Markets!

From the Peak in Mar 2022 (4 months Sales) For Vancouver Detached Homes:

East Vancouver is down with 5.9%, Whilst White Rock declined 5.4%.

From the Peak in Feb 2022 (5 months Sales) For Fraser Valley Detached Homes:

All cities continue to show a downward trend, especially Langley Cloverdale at 14.5% and
  11.5% for Chilliwack on average price changes. 

(Click Image to See the difference between the High and Low Markets)

Compare the HIGH-END and LOW-END Markets

   Houses  Detached Homes                                                                                                                                                 TOP

Condos  Attached        High/Low Markets                                                                                                                  TOP

Townhouses  Attached        High/Low Markets                                                                                              TOP


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